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Learn How To Salsa Dance! Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, Cha Cha: Learn to Dance Step by Step with Your Complete Online Latin Dance School...Faster, and Easier than Anyone Else!

Welcome to SalsaBootCamp, Your Members Only Salsa Dance School. The Fastest and Easiest way to Learn how To Salsa, from Absolute Beginners, from your very first steps, to Advanced dancers, you'll find everything you need to become an expert social dancer.

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Step-by-Step Salsa Dance Videos
Discover tons of step-by-step Latin and Salsa dance videos that will guide you through each and every step, pattern, and movement no matter how experienced you are. Two left feet? No problem! Featuring Bachata, Salsa, Merengue, Cha Cha Cha, and more! With multiple breakdowns for leaders and followers, picture in picture close ups, guided practices, and dancing with real Salsa music. . .

The SalsaBootCamp Salsa Forums:
Chat with hundreds of other Salsa dancers. . . Ask questions, share experiences, learn more, and be a part of an enormous Latin dance community. Find dance partners in your own local area and discover the fun and excitement behind social Salsa dancing. This is you online Salsa dance scene. . .

The Latin Dance Learning Center
Find articles and insightful information to help you learn more about the dance you're learning. Have questions or concerns? Let us clarify all your uncertainties and shed some light on the rich inter-workings of Latin dance. From history and evolution to breakdowns and tips, this area will provide your helpful guide on and off the dance floor.

10 Secrets of Salsa Dance
Learn how to get on the path toward becoming an expert salsa dancer. Discover the 10 secrets of having an incredible salsa dance. Featuring closely guarded tips, tricks, and insider techniques that'll forever change your salsa dancing skills and transform you into an amazing dancer and partner.

Sensuous Salsa Romance
Dazzling  your partners has never been easier! Learn to acquire loves and lasting romances on and off the dance floor with some amazingly effective salsa styling techniques.

Secrets to Exploding your Success as a Salsa Dancer
Discover how to enhance and sky-rocket your salsa dance style exponentially! Learn many significant steps that can transform your salsa dancing  from good to stellar.

Learn how to Light a Fire on the Salsa Dance Floor...
Spin your way across the dance floor and captivate the attention of viewers everywhere. Discover how to spice up your salsa style and look irresistible on the dance floor, simply by learning a few extra salsa dancing techniques...

Perfect Partnership
Learn the tricks and techniques that unlock the door to leading and following. Look great and feel comfortable with any partner, anywhere. This article contains some invaluable partnership tips.

10 Ways to Attract More Men that you want to Dance with
Learn the 10 easy ways to get guys to dance with you. Discover how moving your body and connection can truly change your life and dance for the better. In here, we'll show you the most effective ways to create a dazzling partnership and strong connection with your partner.

The Deadly Mistakes Leaders Should Avoid
In these videos, we'll teach you how to avoid the most common frustrations and follies that salsa dancers experience. We'll also give you some precise and easy-to-follow instruction.

Salsa Footwork Videos
Find our step by step salsa dance footwork videos and start improving your steps immediately! These videos will guide through a fun array of patterns, exercises and techniques that will surly help you on the dance floor

Insider's Salsa Music
Unlock the door to an amazing world of salsa dance music. Discover the exciting array of salsa music instruments and their individual function and sound in the salsa songs you love to dance to.

Salsa Dance Checklist
Learn about all of the underlying aspects of salsa dancing. Find out about the history, evolution, and other amazing elements of salsa dancing.

Ten Tips to Finding The Hottest Salsa Dresses
Discover which salsa dresses are best for you and why. Choose the perfect salsa dance dresses for every occasion. Whether it's social, professional or performance salsa dancing, you'll look great no matter what!

Questions & Answers
Have questions? We've got answers. Let us know what questions you have and we'll be glad to assist. Click here for help

SalsaBootCamp's Latest News and Updates
1) Intermediate Bachata Dance Instruction: In These Bachata Dance Steps, Alison And Jesus Will Demonstrate And Break Down The Basic Rotating Steps, Excellent Moves For The Dynamic And Mobile Bachata Dancer Whose Looking To Light Up Their Dance.
In this Bachata Dance Pattern, you'll learn to perform the basic bachata steps but while moving and travelling throughout the dance floor. These bachata dance steps while allow you to be more agile, f . . . keep reading

8) Advanced Bachata Dance Instruction: Jesus And Alison Demonstrate And Perform Some Spicy Bachata Dance Steps. Each Aspect Is Broken Down Step By Step. Take Your Time With This Bachata Dance Pattern, It's A Bit Tricky, But Not Too Tricky.
Now we're rollin'! These Bachata Dance Steps are getting pretty fast and delicious, huh? Well now it's time to step it up a notch and really do something hot. In this bachata dance instruction, . . . keep reading

Classic Mambo Dance Partnering With Seaon Stylist (1):It's All About Partnership Now And Seaon Will Demonstrate And Breakdown The Basic Mambo Dance Steps With Your Partner.
In these Mambo Dance videos, You'll learn how to dance the basics of Mambo as a leader and as a follower. You'll learn the basic Mambo step individually, then with your partner, and then along with . . . keep reading

Classic Mambo Dancing In Partnership With Seaon Stylist (2): Continuing With The Basic Step, Let's Practice Some Drills For The Leaders That Will Help Make Your Mambo Basic Feel A Little Bit Easier, And Look A Whole Lot Better.
Here Seaon will be showing you some effective ways to practice the regular Mambo dance Basic and the Back Basic. These drills are for the leaders only, so if you're a lady, skip this section, your . . . keep reading

Classic Mambo Dancing In Partnership With Seaon Stylist (3): Continuing With The Leader's Drills, Seaon Will Show You Some Useful Practice Tips For The CBL and The 2 O'Clock Right Turn.
Here Seaon will be giving you some helpful ways to practice the 2 O'Clock Right Turn and the Cross Body Lead. These are drills are for the leaders only again, so ladies, skip this section in order . . . keep reading

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"...classes are wonderful when I have the time and patience to dance with a variety of people with different skill levels. I'm a member of the salsa bootcamp and I have received the bootcamp DVDs. I love the fact that I can take my portable dvd player and practice the dance moves. I'm constantly listening to salsa music, I'm hooked."

Robert C. Navarro
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"Salsa Bootcamp is GREAT. The instructional Videos are precise and very easy to follow. I learn something new from each one, and because I manage a Dance Studio, I have seen a lot of different methods of teaching, but I like these the best. I always learn something new. Thanks so much for all you do to keep this wonderful site going...I recommend it to everyone!"

Betty Norman.
Oklahoma City

"The site has been great; very easy to navigate!"
Joy C.
Dublin, CA

"I am very Happy indeed to be a member of Salsa Boot camp. I have learned so much through the is so nice to watch, and then practice the steps. Most amazing to me is the free DVD I received, to me it is like Christmas. I can hardly wait to watch it. So keep up the good work, and hope to receive another. Thank you so much, a very happy student."
Valerie V.
Ontario, Canada

"Just received the BootCamp DVDs and I just love them. It's as though I'm taking lessons from the instructor who teaches groups at the local salsa clubs, i.e. they're excellent."
Dianna A.
Reading, PA
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